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Ashley + Carson

This wedding is one of my top favorites! This beautiful couple chose to host their wedding in two days - December 30th and 31st for one big reason...they wanted to their wedding reception to double as a New Years Eve celebration! 

The Catholic ceremony was held at St. Joseph's in Holladay, Utah, the day before New Years Eve. A big reason why we decided to host the wedding in two days is that Catholic ceremonies can be over 1 hour and we didn't want too long of a day for guests.


The Reception was held in the Grand Salon at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. This reception was planned well over a year in advance. When planning, we wanted to keep the elegance high and the entertainment front and center. 

Reception boasted beautiful white and gold elements with pops of black to tie in the NYE theme. It was very important to us to keep the theme while bringing in the traditional wedding vibes. We used elegant pops of black in the signage and candles and of course in the wedding party attire!

One big element of this wedding, as I mentioned before, was the entertainment...and we did not disappoint. One Above Entertainment's Hybrid +DJ Band (Drums + Electric Guitar + Saxophone + DJ) shook the house all night! They seamlessly combined the ease of DJing with the awesomeness of a live band. It's still one of my favorite performances to this day.

And of course....we had to have a balloon drop at midnight! All these elements combined created an amazing wedding reception and even more, celebrated New Years Eve for Ashley and Carson. 

Venue | The Grand America Hotel

Planning + Design | Weddings by Kimberly Nicole

Photography | Stephanie Smith Photography

Floral | Wild Earth Designs

Hair & Make Up | Beauty by Reese

Entertainment | One Above Entertainment

Signage | Tuelle Designs

Balloons | Snap Pop Party

Chairs | Olympus Tent & Event

Carson + Ashley _ Reception-12.jpg
Carson + Ashley _ Formals-186.jpg
Carson + Ashley _ Reception-23.jpg
Carson + Ashley _ Reception-22.jpg
Carson + Ashley _ Reception-825.jpg
Carson + Ashley _ Reception-19.jpg
Carson + Ashley _ Reception-30.jpg
Carson + Ashley _ Reception-17.jpg
Carson + Ashley _ Reception-273.jpg
Carson + Ashley _ Reception-33.jpg
Carson + Ashley _ Formals-76.jpg
Carson + Ashley _ Reception-44.jpg
Carson + Ashley _ Reception-15.jpg
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